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Lane Desborough: A quick bio

On August 10, Lane Desborough and I are going to kick off a webinar about accelerating diabetes technology development through simulation. Lane and I met recently and found we have similar missions and complementary skills and backgrounds. I'm very excited to join up with him.

Here's Lane's formal bio:

Lane Desborough is the founder and CEO of Nudge BG. Since January 2020, Nudge BG has provided physiological systems modeling, simulation, and control engineering services for clients developing therapies for people living with insulin-requiring diabetes. Lane has 30 years of experience in automation and simulation across a wide range of industries (including the last decade in medical devices). He has successfully applied computational modeling and simulation methods to the development of AID systems for people with diabetes, first at Medtronic Diabetes where he led the engineering team responsible for the commercialization of the SmartGuard algorithm used in hundreds of thousands of insulin pumps around the world, next as co-founder and chief engineer of Bigfoot Biomedical, and most recently as the CEO of Nudge BG, where he has performed many projects supporting companies developing AID systems or components. Lane's focus on AID was precipitated by his son's diagnosis with type 1 diabetes in 2009. Prior to that, he spent nearly two decades at Honeywell and General Electric simulating, implementing, and remotely monitoring interoperable automation systems at oil refineries, chemical plants, pulp mills, and power plants all over the world.

But this bio doesn't do Lane's bio and experience full justice, in my opinion. He also created NightScout, an open-source remote monitoring solution for parents (like himself) of children with diabetes, so they could literally rest a bit easier. That software was wrapped in a movement #wearenotwaiting, aimed at breaking down the barriers to developing better diabetes technology and getting it through regulatory clearance.

Now, Lane is working to broaden his impact, aiming not just to develop technology, but to share his knowledge of simulation and automation systems development so that diabetes tech development is maximized across the whole industry.

On top of all of this, Lane races sailboats, runs at least 4 miles every day, and is incredibly giving with his time and energy.



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