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Who Am I?

I am an enthusiastic optimist obsessed with learning and growth. I get excited about innovation; I love when new technology changes the world for the better. 

I have spent my career focused on optimizing for other people's innovations; I love serving by showing others that their dreams are possible, and inspiring action to achieve them. I love it when a plan comes together, but I know firsthand that no plan survives first contact. I am delighted with quantitative and automated approaches, but I have felt the pain of adopting new shiny tools that don't actually produce results. I am obsessed with connected health tech and am committed to innovating the path to market. 

I've got two amazing kids and an incredible partner. I am supported and strengthened by a one-of-a-kind community of family and friends that I adore. I am active, adventurous, an avid traveler, and an artist. I love my life and I feel lucky and grateful for every day. 

I help the FDA continuously improve.

As an executive at Booz Allen, I created a Regulatory Innovation team focused on FDA. My projects included benefit-risk methods, simulation modeling for opioid policy, regulator preference evaluation, evaluating patient preference evidence, evaluating FDA’s MDUFA performance, and digital health regulatory innovations. 

I help R&D orgs optimize for outcomes.

As an enterprise architect, strategy consultant, and customer software project manager at NASA headquarters, I streamlined disruptive processes, developed systematic frameworks for evaluating the value of NASA’s unique research capabilities, and supported the strategic planning and risk communications for leaders in the Science, Exploration, and Human Space Flight Mission Directorates.

I use data and scientific methods to advance health decisions.

As a data scientist and researcher, I designed and led a large-scale competitive modeling competition to assess heart function from 3D MRIs, developed and evaluated a predictive model for physician quality based on online reviews, and conducted experimental research on consumers’ abilities to detect untrustworthy product claims. 

Bio By The Bullet

Teams Co-Created

  • MedCrypt's Medical Device Cybersecurity Consulting Services Team

  • Booz Allen's Regulatory Innovation Practice

  • Booz Allen's Secure Connected Health practice

  • Data Science Bowl: AI Competition for measuring heart function, with NIH

  • NASA Mission Directorate Capabilities Strategy

Past consulting clients

  • Medical Device Manufacturers

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration

  • Food and Drug Administration

Academic research

  • Quantitative benefit-risk assessment

  • Consumer decision-making under uncertainty

  • Information asymmetry in markets for expert services

Education domains

  • Doctorate: Decision Science

  • Masters: Information Science

  • Undergrad: Mathematics & Philosophy

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