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Definition of Risk: The potential for harm. 

Definition of Quality: A characteristic or attribute.

Imagine you’re a seller of a software platform that identifies risks for your buyer. This could be a cybersecurity vulnerability analysis platform, a supply chain risk management platform, or a quality system compliance workflow. 

Risk-based value proposition: “Our tool automatically identifies risks, so you can be fully informed about potential harms before they happen. Risk surveillance is required by FDA.”

Quality assurance value proposition: “Our tool automatically identifies potential deviations from your quality specifications, so you can make sure that the quality of your device is maintained over time. Quality is required by FDA, a legal commitment of your contracts, and is part of your brand identity.”

Imagine you are the receiver of these two messages. Which one feels like a better buy? Which one feels like it’ll make your life easier? Same technology, same underlying software, different mindset for the marketing approach. 

~Shannon, the Optimistic Optimizer


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